This Gamified Learning Experience puts the Fun in Your curriculum.

Bringing your curriculum into pockets daily with simple fun, easy use, and healthy competition.

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Meet this Gamified Learning Management Application

Pick & Learn is a Web-app that combines two things we love: learning + games.



To increase engagement, this application focuses on allowing the learner to focus on competing.


Learning Management App

Custom curriculum appears throughout the learner's picking experience in currated bite-size chunks.


Admin Login

We provide a modern admin for the game, curriculum, and user management.


SSO for Security

We integrate with many commonly used Single Sign-on services or can make a custom connection with your company's IT group.


Custom Analytics Reports

Based on the each specific season, your goals, and your special requests, we send you detailed custom analytic Reports.


Learning Retention Focus

Quizzes are sprinkled throughout the learner's experience and you can see how well they retain information in our analytic reports.

This web app is designed for use on a mobile device. Users will have the most dynamic experience via mobile. If you do not have access to a mobile device, a desktop may be used but it is highly recommended you use Google Chrome or Firefox as your browser.

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How does it work?


1. Learning is entered into our admin.

A full safety curriculum is preloaded for out-of-the-box application use. Additional bite-sized learning snippets can be loaded via admin access or admin assistance. examples of our pre-loaded curriculum can be seen in this current live demo version on the web-application.


2. Learning appears throughout the users experience.

As your employees and coworkers pick which sports team they think will win, these small and digestible bites of learning will pop-up during their play. Assesments can also be added for optimul learning retention and analytics of improvment. As users review these bite-size learning snippets, they will read, learn, and dismiss before returning to the gameified web application.


3. Reporting and additional engagment is available.

With our three subscription plans, you can add additional value yourself, or ask for our help. We would love to help provide and facilitate:

• Custom Bite-size Curriculum
• Prize Systems
• Promotion
• Custom Web-App Appearance, Color, and/or Branding
• Analytics and/or Reporting

Does the App Support Additional Sports? Yes.

This application can support any pick'em style sporting event. Here are some examples of common sports and timelines. This learning experience can support your curriculum all year round.